So check it…I got challenged by JAY today, “blog about air”…

My air is worship. air is what allows us to have life. For me to have life i have to worship.

you never see the air, at times you feel the air, if it is bad you smell the air, but regardless, air is around you all the time and air is life.

If worship is around us all the time, then the presence of God will be around us all the time. I have never seen the presence, at times I feel the presence, there is an alleged fragrance of the presence, but regardless, the presence can be around me all the time and the presence becomes life.

the times of my life that have been AMAZINGLY dark, I have been far from my air, worship. I have lived through times when I have been without the air of my life, and I never want to get there again. Finding your air is done on purpose. Air…worship…worship…air.

breathe deep