Headed out @ 5 a.m. Going to Atlanta for a couple of days. Jesus Culture conference will be a very interesting experience. Also going to get to hang with Carlos and Ben. Both great guys and can not wait to see what happens when we get to spend some time together. I think Jay and Los are going to make some magic happen…but that is just me.

Days like today suck the creativity right out of you. I mean, it is CRAZY to me how much I got done today and did not even have a chance to get very creative…

A few thoughts tonight:

  • Relish Wisdom
  • Measure your words
  • Live in expanse (how you think, perceive, create)
  • A good & honest life, with discipline is blessed (says so in proverbs)
  • God is OCD about people getting saved – Kevin Cooley
  • Truth breathes life into creativity