EVERY time you do something, you should want to be the best at that thing. I believe it SO much. I don’t buy the excuses that follow: 1. we dont have the staff. 2. we dont have the money. 3. we dont have the resources. BLAH BLAH BLAH! You have talent. Creativity. You have technology that evens out the playing field in a big big way. Do things RIGHT. Pay attention to the details. Put your EXCELLENCE out there. Don’t copy other people. Don’t try to be the second someone else, be the FIRST YOU, then God can use you to impact the people he created for you to reach. ALL THAT SAID, this sermon preview from LifeChurch.TV is RIDICULOUS! probably the best, most over the top promo I have ever seen. Found this on TONY MORGANS blog, i think he got it from Los.