So I had this idea today as I drove in from Nashville. A lot of churches are doing series about movies or music etc, things that are culturally relevant. I love when I see churches doing this, and believe Jesus used the culture of his day to communicate to those who followed him.

Video Games move the cultural needle in a big big way. In May, Grand Theft Auto released their latest version of the hit game. Here are a few stats:
– Sold 3.6 million units in the first day
– Sold 6 million units in the first week
– Hit $500 million in sales in the first week
That is a huge cultural event. So on June 22 the Wii will get its first version of the hit game, Rock Band. Wii is the biggest thing in gaming and family fun since Pac-Man. Rock Band debuted in November and as of May 2 has sold over 3 million bundles. Enough back story.

What if your church did a series called ROCK BAND. Each week you pick a different rock star and title your sermon by that name. I have not put a ton of thought into this, but you could also pick songs. Musicians would be cooler I think. ROCK BAND: THE TOUR OF A LIFETIME…Kid Rock (parenting), U2 (grace, evangelism, assimilation, outreach…), Taylor SWIFT (life forces rapid changes???? needs development), Ludacris (faith, miracles, hope). Pick your subject, taylor you message. If your church can handle it, play music from that artist in your service. You could start the series by actually playing the game, full band, on stage, big screens. Lots and lots of ways to take this little idea and make it huge, but I think it is something that could be really dope. If you are a pastor and thinking of doing this, let me know. Have a great weekend.