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WORTH DYING FOR…CREATION and all the other festivals this summer…Check Them Out!


At work I do not get to surf for fun, I surf for work….but today I am home with the kids and have so many things I want to post about!!!!! Here is a really cool website I found today, SMASHING MAGAZINE!. FRESH!!!!! I am trying to find better ways to keep my head in a creative space and keep the details stored in places I can go back and find them. Thus not in congesting my head with details and allowing my mind to think in creative spaces. That being said, here is my next notebook purchase.

Well, I have been spotty this weekend on the blog. I have gotten home and have been hanging with the family. Did not even turn my computer on since Saturday, which is a SHOCK! I have a ton of posts in the que, but wanted to give you a little memorial day love. Enjoy the day. Enjoy those around you, and those far away. Talk to you tomorrow. Not endorsing the product, but what a great ad. Even better, as I travel, I see this happening very often. Thank you…

Yesterday I got to hang out with a bunch of planters, pastors, and thinkers at the Whiteboard Sessions. Great job Ben. Today, I am off to Maryland to hang out for a recording tonight with Stephen Hurd. I will be at THIS church. Worship yesterday was very cool. I do not doubt tonight we will have a great worship experience as well…but style wise…polar opposites. I feel like I am about to walk back into my old church.

How do we bring more diversity? Color and culture are not the only issues…something I am wrestling with today.

I am just now getting back to my room. It has been a long day. All night, from the time I got the text in the airport until right at this moment, I can not shake the thoughts, the grief, the agony that the Chapman’s must feel. I want to call them. I want to hug them. I want to wipe the tears…but that is not even an option. I can not imagine what it means to lose like this…I pray for them… CONTINUALLY¬†

I want to watch the video…but I can’t. I have tried. I tear just thinking about this…In 1 day over 11k comments have been left. I tried to leave my but the server is slammed.¬†God move for this family. Protect Will, keep him safe, touch his mind and his heart. Mary Beth and Steven…just prayers…Thank you God for mercy and grace.

Please pray for the Chapmans. They are going through a very difficult season of life and need your prayer, God’s comfort, and a peace that passes any understanding. There are no words for the emotions. There is no way to even fathom the pain. Lift them up today, even if you do not know them…

Get to hang with some cool leaders tomorrow. Blogging may be a little spotty, but the conversation will be rich.

We are…

WE THE CHURCH is live. Check out this site! you can pray, give a praise report, vent, purge, etc…very interesting.

Peep out the new Tye album. Tye is the new face of Gospel. HERE is a widget to add to your 2.0 life areas. Tye’s album debuted @ number 1 on the Gospel chart last week with 26k albums sold! Don’t sleep on this kids.

Listening to a podcast today and it made me think. Time is something we can not manage. Time just runs, you can not control or manage something that is always moving, can not be morphed, changed, paused, altered, etc. So efficient life is not about time management, efficient life is about self management. We have to be able to mange ourselves on priorities and stay focused on the right things at the right times. Also, do not fill your mind with a bunch of details you do not need. Make lists, calendars, etc, to make sure that you manage your stuff so your mind can be free to be creative, be strategic, and be free from worries. USE TECHNOLOGY. Find your rhythm.

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