@ my desk, i hear the sound of music, i hear the sound of people working hard…LOVE IT!

Last night I was thinking about all the things on my to do list. I hate my To Do List, because it is never FINISHED! It is a working piece….

Here is what my To Do List SHOULD look like if I am being honest to who I am:

  • find the rhythm
  • cultivate creativity
  • connect with key people to ensure that execution is being achieved
  • dream
  • dream with other people including this guy
  • read 
  • pray
  • create a culture that allows others to dream and be creative
  • learn
  • love, cry, laugh, fight, 
  • give grace
  • discover a new idea
  • foster creative conversations
One day that will be the list, until that day, I will have to pick and choose my moments to achieve these goals….what should your list look like?