Had a thought today…I was watching a YouTube video blog created by P.Diddy. Diddy’s blog was basically talking about the time he fell in love with hip hop and how over the course of time he has lost a little of that loving feeling. Until the other night when he went to a Kanye West show, and it so inspired him that he rediscovered his love for hip hop.

Not a REVELATIONAL video blog but it caused me to think a little bit. When was the last time you saw someone else doing the thing that you do for a living (or a calling) and then praised them? Told them that they rocked it so hard that they inspired you to be better at what you do, which is what they do as well. If you are a pastor, have you ever saw someone do church SO WELL, preach SO WELL, move the crowd so well, do whatever it is they do (and you do) so well that you had to take time out of your schedule to praise them. Not just to them, but to the world. Leaders, same question? Bands? Managers? Worship Leaders? Humans?

Take the time. Note the next time you see someone who rocks your world and inspires you be be better than you are right now and celebrate them! Celebrate them HARD. Let them know they ROCK!