Who knew? According to studies listed below it is true, girls who go to church are better workers, work harder, and invest more into their work.

1. People who go to church regularly are more optimistic people in general, and optimism makes people feel more positive about their work. If you feel like you will affect your work in a positive way, you’re more likely to dig in and do it.

2. Researchers at the University of Georgia found that women who had attended religious services frequently (at least once a week) during childhood work about 80 additional hours per year when they are older. This effect is roughly equivalent to the impact on labor supply of an additional year of labor market experience.

2. religious observance when young may give women a direction or “calling” to their personal conduct as adults, including a grea ter focus on market work. “Religious participation in childhood may instill a work ethic that is driven by early religious training, beliefs, or practice,” he says.

You can read the report from TIME/CNN right HERE. Very interesting. Finding your rhythm in life is so necessary. I believe God has a purpose for our lives and that in searching for him, we kind of find what we are looking for in other aspects of life.

In addition, Julie Taylor has written a very interesting essay on the effects of faith on personality characteristics. This is a longer read, but has a ton of great information that will be useful.