Today Ashlyn and I had to run to Target to get a hose. On our way home, XM allowed us the opportunity to rock out to FLO RIDA – Get Low. She loves the apple bottom jeans part…right after that song a commercial is aired. Now usually XM runs commercials for tax relief, real estate investment, etc. When I saw on the display, I was intrigued. Then when I heard the pastor from McClean Bible Chruch on the radio I was shocked. GREAT IDEA! NotASermon is a short story about no matter how hard we try we are never going to be perfect, but with Jesus, we have a new option. Great idea. The website is somewhat lacking punch and stickiness, but a solid idea. This commercial will break through the clutter and leave an impact. Way to think out of the box. If they can make the website a little more relevant, they will really be on to something. Props for thinking out of the box and going to a station where not just Christians live. (pet peeve, buying time on christian networks in an effort to win souls. people who are not followers of Christ could care less about Christian TV or Radio… quality is sub-par. if you buy on Christian networks, program to make Christians better, they are the only ones watching.)