What would you do if you found yourself out on the blue? Would you sink? Would you swim? Or, would you walk?

Enjoy my friend, JOEL AUGE.

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Take me to
Take me to
Where you took Peter and the boys
Calmed the stormy noise
Made it so they knew
They had to trust in you

Walk with me
Talk with me
I want to know what you would say
If you had me face to face
What would I do
With my feet out on the blue

What would I do
With my feet out on the blue
Would I know that I was safe
By your side out on the waves
Would you tell don’t look down
Keep your eyes fixed on me now
When the waves wrap at your feet
Don’t you worry, look to me

Make me move
Make me move
I want to be what you’re about
And not have any doubt in you
Be what you want me to

Even as my brain tells me that I should drown
I still so believe that you would never let me down