Interesting post on Phil Cooke’s blog about the cultural differences in the modern church movement. Here is a clip. The comments are interesting, go to his blog to check them out if you would like. There is a gapping hole for a blend of experience and relevance. Can the 2 be married?

What Is “Contemporary” In The African-American Church Community?
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April 28, 2008
When I lectured at the National Association of Broadcasters Conference in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, the administrator of a large African American church in the South asked me an interesting question. In the context of “contemporary” churches, you might find Ed Young, Bil Cornelius, Perry Noble, Erwin McManus, or Greg Groeschel. These are guys who generally preach in casual clothes, understand marketing, are savvy with technology, and yet still preach a Christ centered message. They’re also White. She asked, “But what about African-American churches? Is there a category of “contemporary” African-American churches? Do any Black pastors – even contemporary ones – preach in casual clothes? Do they conduct services that would be similar to these pastors mentioned above?” It’s an interesting question. It’s not an issue or right or wrong. I wonder if it points to a cultural difference? Particularly for my African-American readers – what are some examples of the most contemporary (non-traditional) Black pastors and churches out there?