I read a lot of blogs….almost 100 a day. Some are music, some are marketing, a few are pastors, some are just great thinkers. I love these blogs. These people have a pulse on what is going on in our world. However, none of them have mentioned this yet. I have not experienced it, but I have heard about it a few times now and felt it was worth checking out. There is a revival happening in Lakeland, FL and people are being touched, changed, and encouraged. Typical to most pentecostal moves, the website sucks (sorry), but here is a news story on it. (every time i try to load the ministry website safari gets shut down. is safari the devil?)

here is the site for the ministry. Would love comments, thoughts, etc. Every night these services can be seen on Godtv.Com streaming. Also, streaming @ this site.

one thing is for sure, people are getting healed, excited, energized, and experiencing God.

whats the word?