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Here is a great post from my friend Drew. I remember when Drew did not even have a blog, and now he is a blog rock star. Do your thing homey! Here is a creative, young, dope dude doing his thing. Check out his blog HERE! He is a ragamuffin soul friend as well. He also does resemble David Cook from American Idol.

I read a lot of blogs….almost 100 a day. Some are music, some are marketing, a few are pastors, some are just great thinkers. I love these blogs. These people have a pulse on what is going on in our world. However, none of them have mentioned this yet. I have not experienced it, but I have heard about it a few times now and felt it was worth checking out. There is a revival happening in Lakeland, FL and people are being touched, changed, and encouraged. Typical to most pentecostal moves, the website sucks (sorry), but here is a news story on it. (every time i try to load the ministry website safari gets shut down. is safari the devil?)

here is the site for the ministry. Would love comments, thoughts, etc. Every night these services can be seen on Godtv.Com streaming. Also, streaming @ this site.

one thing is for sure, people are getting healed, excited, energized, and experiencing God.

whats the word?

Ben does not care about this…but I think I might love it…

I do love the fonts and colors, and find it interesting to see what people are saying and feeling. Twitter may be the new window to peoples soul.

Check It Out

I think JAY JAY JAY JAY JAY JAY JAY will like this…

1. Make promises and over deliver (which is doing more than you promised).
2. Your best press comes when you do something, not talk about doing something.
3. Let other people talk about you.
4. Execute the things you can do…fully!
5. Just because someone else is doing something and being successful at it, does not mean it will work for you.
6. Whatever is cool or hot today, wont be tomorrow.
7. What is next?
8. Caring/Love is more than words…usually it will cause you to extend yourself farther than makes you comfortable. The follow up after the moment, or the actual being there is the sign. Actions are louder than words.
9. Speak your language to your people.
10. Always strive to be better. Find marks you can grade yourself.

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