Interesting info coming in on how churches are maximizing technology. I would love to see how many churches are using twitter? Kind of shocking how little social networking, podcasting, and blogging are not being used in church communication when entire departments are being created to communicate via these venues in the secular community. Also, why are more churches not using podcasts as training tools for church membership, volunteer groups, etc? See the entire report HERE.

Other interesting church technology statistics:
56% are using email blasts
>> 56% in 2005
>> N/A in 2000
26% are using social networking
16% are podcasting
13% are blogging
8% are using a satellite dish to receive broadcasts and training
>> 8% in 2005
>> 7% in 2000
Smaller churches with attendance of less than 100 use technology significantly less than larger churches. This is not surprising, but it is interesting to see how churches that are twice as large are substantially more likely to use technology.