Sorry i have been so distant, crazy week, and the weekend has been worse. I will blog more about that later. The Kanye show was sick. First, LUPE ripped. It is great to see a new artist get up and take the slot they are given and make it amazing. Super Star was the highlight but he did well the entire set…a future star in the making. N.E.R.D….great producers, terrible performers. Rihanna hit the stage next…and she is a professional. she hit every note, hit every mark, hit every dance step, and did it all classy and professional. Outstanding. Mr. West might need to watch his back cuz that junk was top shelf. Then it was time for Ye. I have been to a ton of shows and have never seen 1 guy get on stage with no band up there with him, no hype man, no dancers and just DELIVER. it was night 2 of the tour so the crew missed a few production marks. Kanye called out the wrong city, not acceptable, but even through all that, the show was amazing. hit after hit after hit I was blown away. Dude brags, A LOT!, but he backs it up. If the glow in the light tour comes to town, its worth the tix.