Every time I think I am out, they just keep pulling me back in…well, I guess it is not that bad, but the truth is that via reading this book I have been convicted of my feelings. The 80/20 principal is applied all the time and i think it fits personalities too. even if a person is 80% what you do not like, that 20% that is on point can rock your world. I am AWFUL at discerning people. I love everyone. I want to see the best in everyone. Because of this, I remain loyal through a lot…but then if I ever cross that bridge, good chance Im not coming back over.

All this to say last night I was at the WDF release party. #2 album on iTunes chart and trying to get to #1. I got to hang with a guy and he got into his rhythm and was amazing. You can see when someone gets into the rhythm, the zone, their sweet spot…they just start rocking. This guy found his over dinner and said some great stuff. I left with a new hope. Hope not just for Integrity, or myself, or jay, but hope in the fact God is moving, and finally, hope for the future of the church…maybe it will make that impact necessary to change the world. it starts with me…and you.