The new Madonna video premieres today! April (4) 4th. 4 minutes to save the world…nice. If you are a fan of pop music, this is an exciting thing. Madonna, who is 50 years old, has one of the big songs of 2008 on her hands and has been wise in choosing producer and guests for her album to keep her in her core demographic…POP LISTENERS! And to think, Dolly Parton is like 10 years older (maybe 12) and looked like a shell of the performer she has been on Idol this week (awful…even with the Jesus tie in it was bad. And do not get me started on the Clarck Brothers). Madonna is bringing her A game to make this record work.  

Enter WBM! You tube is FULL of video uploads that have been removed to avoid “copywrite issues”. People are BUZZING about your product. Viral marketing is alive and well. Peer to peer marketing is what every marketers wants, and having the ability to share your new favorite thing with a few hundred, or thousand friends via a blog is amazing. But no….lets make sure we protect the pockets of the label so that the fans can not enjoy sharing the actual product with others who might be impressed with it and actually go BUY A FREAKING RECORD (thus really filing the pockets of the label)! Rather than cutting out youtube, which really is cutting out the fans, why not have your interns FLOOD youtube with video and messages that will help you sell the record TO MADONNA FANS! Why wait on MTV to play it 3 times today since they do not even play music anymore!