We had a POWERFUL chapel yesterday. Marcos Witt was our special guest. Marcos owns a Latin American distribution company as well as is the lead pastor at the Lakewood Spanish church in Houston, TX. No surprise, Lakewood has the largest spanish church in America. Marcos waxed on the following:

  •  Differences melt in worship
  • At the end of the day, there are 2 types of leaders. 1 – wall builders who build walls to keep people in or keep people out. 2 – Bridge builders who are looking to extend and partner. These leaders love team synergy even if their ideas are not the best and want others to have a voice. Bridge builders usually build around ideas not personalities. 
  • America and the American church are consumed with a domestic view and not a world view.
  • In Isaiah God talks about bringing rivers together. For this talk, these rivers represent culture.
  • Isaiah 43
  • (I did not catch the name of the leader who made this statement) “The coming of global Christianity” In the next 50 years Latin America & Africa will be the epicenter of Christianity and the anglo world will be the mission field. 
  • There are some main differences between anglos and latins but the 2 differences in cultures can create a better life for both if we integrate the best of cultures together.
  • Immigrants adapt to the new culture they are experiencing.
  • Order without warmth is legalism. Warmth without order is just emotion.
  • What do we do with all the hispanics coming to our worlds?
  1. Believe in them – Latin Americans in general lack affirmation. (So does everyone else)
  2. Do not qualify your love. It is not about people conforming, it is about unconditional love. 
  3. Embrace the culture. Don’t try to convert them, just assimilate. Use the passion of the Latin culture to better what you do. (if you have a church, make your Latin friends greeters)
  4. Dignify their culture – Treat people like you would like to be treated. Respect them, care for them, love them. Resource them (not the fellowship hall…the sanctuary), provide tools, education, and empowerment.
This was a powerful chapel. These rules really apply to anyone not just our Latin American friends.