Steve Underwood is a long long long time friend and free lance writer in Atlanta. Steve has been one of my best friends since high school. Currently Steve is ghost writing a top secret book that I can not tell you about…thats how he rolls. If you are in need of any copy writing, hit him up. Here is a rant he sent me today that I loved and had to share.

So the production credits for Madonna’s new record read: Pharrell, Timbaland, and Danja. PERIOD. She’s swinging for the fences. Could it be “Justified” Part 2? Which was the best record Michael Jackson never made, and my most worn-out record of the ‘00s.It’s like someone created a formula for a hit single using the following calculations: Madonna + Justin Timberlake x Timbaland and Danja = GET OUT OF THE FREAKING WAY. Then they thought, Wait, what are we missing? Oh yes, Kanye West*. Check.

What, was T-Pain too busy sucking to hop on a track?Release this shiz, Warner Bros. NOW.*

“Flashing Lights” is the most brilliant video I’ve seen in some time. Hotness? Implied, but not visualized, violence? An ambiguous ending that makes The Sopranos ending look satisfying in comparison? Okay, fine. Permission granted to run his mouth.