I have never been so captivated by the Old Testament in my life. Im breaking these blogs into conversations so I don’t post a mega-post. Today Bildad takes his first pass at Job. It is interesting to see how bitter Job is, and how upset he is at God. I have always been taught that Job stayed cool with God through the entire process. While he did not turn his back, he did question, and have problems with this process. 

Bildad continued to rail on Job that if he had sinned it was time to repent and come clean. Sin was not the issue in Job’s life. Bildad made comments like “…he’ll set everything right again, reestablish your fortunes.” showing his perception of God. “Even though you’re not much right now, you’ll end up better than ever.” Promises of he will be better but even in his down time, Job was the same guy. He was still JOB and God was using this stuff with a plan. Later, Bildad was talking about how the “godless” or sinners would be “gone” and the sooner the better so that the good people could replace them….How many times have we heard this? God did create the “bad people” and it is our job to love them, develop them, and help them become the good people, not just have God zap them out of the way.

Job responded transparently. He tells of how he can not catch is breath and that his heart piles bitterness on bitterness…yet he is still a hero in the faith. Because he continued the process. He walked it out. He did not give up. He threw himself at Gods mercy and even in his questioning held to the fact that there was a God that for some reason still needed to be involved in his life.

and the story continues…