VERY rarely do I cut and paste a blog. PLEASE go over and read my friend Ben Arments blog and subscribe. This post this morning touched me so deeply:

The Tragedies that Propel you to Greatness

By Ben Arment

Let me ask you a question. Would you rather be well-adjusted and marginally successful… or emotionally wounded and highly successful? I’ve noticed a strong correlation between successful leaders and dark pasts.Some of the most successful men and women have experienced traumatic childhoods that propel them to become high-achievers. The early loss of a mother, the neglect of a father, abandonment, abuse…Just listened to Steve Jobs describe how his single mother gave him up for adoption to another couple that she made promise would put him through college. Imagine the pain. He ended up dropping out of school and the rest is history…I’ve heard similar stories about successful pastors and church planters. What often drives them to greatness is the motivation of escaping or redeeming their dark past. Righteous or not, it stirs up a great force within them that seeks wholeness, satisfaction.more later….