When God created us, he created us with a blueprint. He has a plan for us to achieve our destiny. He created us with a set of skills, personality, and talents to achieve the plan. Today I had an interesting conversation with a friend and he proposed a very unique and interesting parallel. The devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy. The devil does not give anything, he only perverts what is already been put in place and motion by God. This is why so often the thing that is our biggest strength becomes our weakness or liability. What a concept.

As we chatted, my friend went on to explain how he believes that Satan creates a blueprint for our demise. He looks at the skills, personality, and talents God has given us, and tries to pervert them and twist them to keep us from achieving the ultimate plan. As an example my friend talked about his own life and how the evil blueprint for his life was rejection. The fear of rejection prevented him living the fullness of what God had for him. Until recently he had not engaged and conquered that fear. For me, one of the blueprints is cynicism. Something I now realize and can work towards correcting. Just being honest. Not for you, but for me….to get better.

Regardless of what we walk through, what we experience, the greatest of success to the lowest of defeats, the plan is there, it is our decision as to how we are going to walk it out. Do we choose to go the right way or the wrong way? When we go the wrong way do we allow the condemnation and demise to keep us down or do we put the pieces back together, face our mistakes, correct and move forward to the fullness of what God intended all along? I have made some MAJOR mistakes…you might not forgive me, he might not forgive me, she might not forgive me, I might not forgive me…but God forgave me already. So now what? Accept the negative? Live in the valley? OR, face the music, correct, move forward. Walk through the cynicism in order to achieve the things God has, which probably are in the same arena as my cynicism.

What do you choose? Its time to start living. Freedom.