From this morning’s Advertising Age article by Michael Bush…

“If there are any marketers out there who still believe the world of social networks is filled only with young nerdy types and weirdos looking to hook up, they need to take a good second look. Not only is it a prime target for marketers looking to reach moms — the all-important gatekeeper of the household — but within some of the most popular networks, such as Facebook, a significant percentage of users are over the age of 35.”




If you are trying to get people to talk about your church, promote your song, become a user of your widget, you have to figure out how to communicate to them directly. Direct communication is the key. Why spend thousands of dollars yelling at people with just a post card when they can become your friend and give you permission to talk to them directly about everything you have going on in your world? The days of MySpace being just a kids social world, or FACEBOOK being to hard to figure out are over. People are living 2.0. Pastors blog. Kids blog. Musicians blog. Grandparents blog. EVERYONE BLOGS! (see the picture below) Twitter is the new text. If you want to talk to the next generation, or this generation, you have to figure out what language they are speaking…this is their language. Create a widget for your church…podcast your sermon…podcast your announcements. RSS your life so the people who have already granted you permission to talk to them will hear what you are saying.