If you have not experienced a live concert in a while, you need to get out and support independent music. Dark room, trendy kids, loud sounds…NOTHING LIKE IT! Check out a show and find a band that no one has heard about before. Sing their praises. Remember seeing them and knowing about them before all your friends or before they ever got that major radio play. 

Last night my parents came to town and I had to go to a show for work. So Ray and Becky loaded up and experienced the rock show. It was probably a little bit to much for them, but they are troopers and stayed till almost the very last note. I got to experience an AMAZING band. You have not heard of them yet probably, but in time, you will. This is the kind of band that you will hear on the radio, will hear on tv shows and movie soundtracks. Take the time, CLICK THIS LINK, and enjoy a band of Christians, who are not a christian band. Sweet sounds.