Reading in Mark 9 today. Jesus asks the disciples what they had been discussing on the road. FIRST…JESUS asked them what they where doing, talking about, thinking about. very cool. He already knew the answer but still asked the question. The answer of course was that they had been arguing over who among them was the greatest. Jesus then sits them down and says to them….”So you want first place? Thank take the last place. Be the servant of all.” Jesus went on to tell the disciples that the one who embraces the child is the one who sets himself up to be the greatest. Help in the children removes the motives of personal gain. I am a VERY competitive person. Everything I do I want to be the best at. I struggle cuz often times my own mistakes cause me to become disqualified. But God does not say he is just going to make us the “first”. In order to be “the first” we are going to have to serve. Serving is dirty. Serving takes sacrifice. Serving starts at home. Serving is not fun, glamorous, or publicized. Serving starts with those who can not help themselves. Serving is a lifestyle. In order to maintain a position of first we have to maintain in a position of SERVICE, which may look like last.