Peep this article from Lou Engle. I met Lou several years ago and am excited to be part of how God is using him in these times. Here is his article on Alabama: Alabama

For three years, the Lord has led me to pray for Alabama.  The burden was born out of a dream in which I was digging for the wells of revival, and I hit an obstruction. |When I dug around the obstruction, I found bones. Inscribed on the bones was Alabama.  I knew from the dream that Alabama was key to revival in America, however there were things hidden that needed to be prayed through for the breakthrough to come.  

The bones of Alabama, I believe, speak of the historic calling on the state as a forerunner for justice in America. They also speak of hidden issues that must be repented of that affect the whole nation.  It is my conviction that TheCall in Montgomery is pivotal for a great turning in America.  

In solemn assembly before the Lord, we are calling for repentance for the shedding of the innocent blood of African American slaves, racism (Montgomery – the first capitol of the confederate states), lynching, and the killing of innocent children and many others who laid down their lives for Civil Rights. But, we also believe that those who suffer the most and can still forgive receive redemptive authority to lead the nation.  We believe a new company of African American voices, birthed out of fasting and prayer, will lead the parade of history in bringing freedom from poverty in the inner cities and lead the way to the ending of abortion and movements of adoption in this nation.  

On the 40th year anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, we want to cry out to God for a new prophetic mantle to fall on Alabama and its people to bring forth spiritual awakening and justice and, in particular, proclaiming with the clearest voice, “Let my people go!”  I believe that out of this gathering, a human life amendment could be brought forth, much like the voting amendment that was born out of the civil rights movement in 1964.  From this gathering, we will call on God for fasting and prayer movements to explode through the inner cities of Alabama and our nation that can alone shift atmospheres and restore city streets with dwellings.  

So, it is to Montgomery we go on April 5th declaring, “We have a dream!”  We have a dream that abortion can end.  We have a dream for reformation in our cities, and we have a dream that National Revival can be ignited that will transform a nation.