Tonight I was watching Israel on TV and was moved by his short oratory on gifts and how people respond to gifts vs anointing. I have had so many conversations on this topic over the course of my life. It is amazing to see how people are raised to a level based on their talent or gifts rather than their anointing. SO OFTEN gifts are confused as anointing.  

The obvious first question is what is anointing? Anointing is a super church word. Bottom line, anointing is the touch of God on your life to accomplish whatever it is He has called you to. It is not some magical power, it is not something you can achieve by doing so much right,in fact the more grace you learn to embrace, the more qualified you are for an anointing (you realize it has NOTHING to do with you). 

So…you have a gift. you are working in that gift and you have all this Hell going on in your life. Well, we have heard forever that the FRUIT is what matters. There are successful people with no anointing, just talent or gifts. Becoming vulnerable creates the ability to maximize gift and anointing.  I have learned to realize the key is not to worry about other peoples anointing, gift, or talent.

At the end of the day, God can use an ass so it is not my responsibility to be the anointing police. What I have to do is manage my life in a way that I can keep an anointing flowing in my life despite the fact I am a very flawed project. It is not about what this person or that person is up to, it is about what I am doing to become the best me I can be for the kingdom. And at the end of the day, you have to be the best you.