7:00 a.m. straight till 5:30…one meeting after another…I LOVE THIS JOB! 

Monday mornings start with a mens bible study. Today was cool to watch different personalities mesh together as we learn how to become better men and fathers, and just people in general very interesting. The things in life that hold us back the most are usually us. Our reactions, opinions, perceptions, translations…we can allow these things to get in the way of what God is really trying to do in and through our lives.

Tomorrow I will introduce you to Joel Auge. Here is a quick snapshot. I need you help. Joel is a new worship artist and we want you to help us choose his album cover. Joel came up with the idea and I can not wait for you to see what we have to choose from. This is going to be a very fun ride.

If you are an artist and you want to get recognized, do not wait on a label to show up and save the day. Those days are over. DO YOU. Start to write…a LOT! do shows… get out and build your social networks. Attention is your biggest commodity. I will expound on this more tomorrow, and remember, as Jay always says: At the end of the day, it is all about the songs.

Listen to something tonight that will make you remember the last time you enjoyed music.