My friend Jay has a statement that he makes: “At the end of the day, it’s all about the songs.” Today, we had a product planning meeting for 09. It’s all about the songs. 

Think about the power of a song. If you are a pastor, it sets the atmosphere. If you are a worshipper it takes you someplace you can encounter God. If you are a music fan, it can transport you to a different place or time. We all have songs that are etched in our memory that makes us remember a time, person, place, thing, smell, experience. Songs are a few minutes of bliss or pain that become bookmarks for our history.

The reality is, everything we do in the music business is about the songs. All the gimmicks, marketing plans, strategies, tours, whatever…it comes down to songs. For worship leaders, do your songs lead people to the Lord? Are your songs connecting people to the father? If you are writing for congregational worship, are your songs singable? If you write prophetic worship, are you delivering a call to action or a word from heaven?If you write pop songs, do they have amazing hooks? It is so very important that the songs are there.

The other day we had a meeting about an artist. We had 7 songs and listened through them all. All good songs but there was not a KILLER song in the mix. A few day later one of our Artist Development guys came by with a new CD. We put it in and low and behold, the first song, from the same artist BAM! there IT WAS! THE song arrived. Radio said we have a single. Ideas started to flow. Plans could be made. People started to buzz, talk tours, managers, booking agents…We had the song that made the record.

A great example is Mat Kearney. Mat had a song. When Nothing Left To Lose hit radio and VH1 people stopped and took notice. Nothing Left To Lose was being put on movies, tv shows, was everywhere for a minute. An even bigger example is Rhianna’s Umbrella. Song of the year for sure (if not that Rehab, either one you can not miss).

What is the soundtrack for your life? Where can you use music to enhance what you do or make a bigger impact. The music “business” might be in trouble, but do not fret, music will never die. It is our job to find out how to distribute new memories in the form of songs to the masses.And it still will be all about the songs…