Today I had the great pleasure of talking with Ben Arment. Ben is a good friend and one of the bright minds in the church today. I really have enjoyed my relationship with Ben and I know God is positioning Ben for something really really great. 

Ben and I talked about church, music, strategy, conferences, marketing, and blogging. And this is how my conversation with Ben relates to you, the end user of this here little blog project. For over a year I have felt blogging was therapy for me, but that there had to be more that this blog could accomplish. Today Ben pointed out to me how this blog could be very unique. There are a ton of music and marketing blogs, but my blog could be more of a behind the record industry scenes type of blog. I dig the idea. At the same time, some of the revelation, inspiration, type thoughts I have are the items that have received the most comments. SO…without a relaunch, or a flashy marketing plan, or anything significant, lets watch the new direction take its course. Yes, some of you will now stop reading. It’s cool. Thanks for the few years we had together. Others will join, welcome, hope you enjoy it..

Look for new music, new ideas, new strategies, and behind the scenes looks at what it takes to make it in the music biz, with some additional inspiration and thoughts that I have to wrestle with from time to time

This should be fun. Focus is so important. I have been preaching it before I left Calvary and since I arrived at Integrity…now it is time to practice what I preach…enjoy