So I dumped all my grammy crap in the blog last night. This morning I went to work. It is cold as freak up in the AL today. I hate…I MEAN HATE…to be cold. Arrived in the parking lot @ 8:01 and chapel starts at 8:15. I just could not bring myself to walking into the office, then back across campus to the chapel, then back to the office, so I went to chapel early and had my pick of seats. Today we had a special guest, Klaus. Klaus is german but lives in Dallas. Klaus is a GREAT worship leader. As I sat and listened to the songs, realizing that the presence of God was so rich it clicked that this is what matters…WORSHIP MATTERS. People worship a lot of things. I was around a lot of people who get worshipped over the weekend. But worship matters. Listening to Klaus talk after chapel in our meetings I realized that the canvas that our creator uses to create is vast, and the colors that he uses to paint my not always match, but each time He is finished with something, it will be a masterpiece, even if during the process it just looks like a mess. 

Thanks for the blog support. Wont you take the time to click on the link below and catch a few of the blogs from Carlos in Uganda. Very amazing stuff and what a great use of his platform.

Ragamuffin Soul in Uganda