Please excuse the self indulgent nature of this blog. There are some who will care about this and some who wont. If you dont, tomorrow the blogs will be back to normal, the stuff you usually see on my little corner of the world wide web.Thursday:

  • Head to LA. I love LA. Perfect weather, big city, entertainment everywhere…good stuff.
  • Head to the rehearsal hall @ 6:30 for an 8:00 p.m. rehearsal. Great practice joint. Amazing band. Got to meet Grant for the first time, who is an amazing dude.
  • Leaving center stage, I stuck my head in another rehearsal room to find Foo Fighters doing what they do…WELL. Very great stuff. And they did not even kick me out.
  • Headed over to Sunset to check out the Hollywood bible study and my man Randal Smalls. Tim and Randal have a great thing going on at the Westin Sunset, overlooking Hollywood. No back drop necessary. We headed out and grabbed some amazing mexican and some strategy. It’s time for you to have a Better Life.
  • Breakfast with BJ who owns BJ is the most creative person I know. We are working on a little project together that I think is going to be simply amazing. I went and checked out his store on Hollywood Blvd and met the pigeon. AZFN is moving about 2 blocks down on Hollywood so the next time you are there, make sure to look for the billboard right on Hollywood. If you love cool clothing, you will LOVE this store. 
  • Hooked up with my boys, had a few meetings, scooped up some shoes for the Grammy Awards, ate, went back to the hotel (Beverly Hills Hilton). Much love to Jay for being platinum and getting us a poolside room so we could watch the interviews and sit outside our room and do emails poolside. TIGHT.
  • Breakfast @ Kings Road
  • Headed to the Westin to get the car service to Staples for rehearsal, blocking, and soundcheck. Very amazing to be backstage at staples. Seeing paintings of Kobe, Shaq, Pat, Magic, looking at the photos of all the great performances that have taken place under this roof. 
  • Rehearsal goes well. We are out. Off to eat and then we checked out “There Will Be Blood” Massively intense. 3 hours long. Possibly the best acting character for character I have ever seen. Plot and story line have a lot of depth, spirituality, and twists. I was tired, and the 3 hours probably did me in on this film. I may have to rent this again to really get it.  
  • SHOW TIME. Breakfast in the room and head to the Westin to roll with New Breed
  • We arrive and walk thru security with Fergie. 
  • We go to our skybox greenroom, right behind the big screen, and watch Kanye, Beyonce, Tina Turner, and a slew of other sound checks. Finally our turn. As the band is on stage, Grant and I stand next to Kid Rock and watch the sound check. Walking out Kanye talks to a few members of the band…one of the last classy things he will do tonight.
  • Pre-Telecast comes on…NEW BREED WINS SECOND GRAMMY AWARD…not only that, beats Michael W. Smith, Toby Mac, and an American Idol to do it…Peep the video blog here.
  • Countdown to live. Alicia ROCKS the opening performance. I make may way down to the lower bowl to see Rhianna and the Time. Walking backstage it amazes me as I walk by Carrie Underwood, Akon, Kid Rock…is this real?
  • After the Rhianna performance, I see that Kanye and his team are moving. I go up on backstage and realize this will not be the best place to see this performance, so I roll down the hall. As I am walking down the hall, here comes Kanye walking the other way. Glasses and Jacket blinking. There is a group of people ahead. I stop at the back of the group and up walks Rhianna and Will I Am. We all walk to the tunnel to get out on the floor to see Kanye. I stop to let them in. Again, un-freaking-real
  • Kanye RIPS! Pass Ludacris heading to intro our segment.
  • Head back down the hall to meet New Breed. Bump into Jimmy Jam. Back to the suite and we move the team down to the stage. As we stand there waiting our turn, Chris Brown and Akon come by to do their presentation for a grammy. Aretha comes onstage with Bebe. Aretha is “sick” and is covered in towels. She is sweating like a stuffed pig. AMAZING diva moments you can not believe unless you see them. Grant and I watch as the band rips thier segment. Walking off stage we walk right through Kid Rocks green room. Heading down the hall, Ringo Star gives the band props. Some members of New Breed are so young they innocently did not even know who Ringo was…when we tell them he is a member of the Beatles, they are amazed.
  • Green room for the rest of the show, just chillin and relaxing after about 10 hours of being @ staples. 
  • Show ends, we head through security, this time with Will I Am (must be a BEP thing)…off to the sony party.
  • This is where it gets really unreal. I have a pass in my car. I did not realize it means I have to pull up to valet and get out and walk the red carpet with camera people 4 rows deep lining the carpet shooting pictures. THIS WAS THE BEST PARTY OF MY LIFE. 
  • Beverly Hills Hotel…the food was amazing, drinks tasted great, the mini-milkshakes ROCKED!
  • This had to be the party of the night. People we saw/talked to included but where not limited to: Bono, Beyonce, Jay Z, Joel Madden, Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, JC, Apple D, Tony Bennett, Clive Davis, Josh Grobin, Nickleback, Foo Fighters, Chaka Kahn,  Kat Von D, Nelly, Ron Jeremy, John Mayer, Pink, Big Boi from outkast, White Stripes, Chamillionaire, Daughtry, and more…
  • The amazing think about the party is there is no security. These are all by invitation only industry people. It is a blend of movers and shakers in the music biz and artists who are there to party. I was in awe. I do not deserve to enjoy life like this! It was amazing. 
  • Meeting with a movie company, lunch @ grand lux, head to LAX and catch the red eye home.
  • Get home and get to hang with the real rock stars of my life…Ash, Zay, and Jack…and take a nap. Im tired now. Back to work first thing in the morning. I am so thankful for my life. I could not ask for more. In everyones life, you have to find a rhythm, I have found mine.  
Thank you for enduring my long list of what I did…It is therapy for me to flush it out. Back to the important things of helping people experience God, but what a great blessing to get to chill for a weekend, work hard, and experience something that I never thought could ever be real in my lifetime.