I was reading a marketing genius blog today. He is amazing. In his blog he spoke about the 3 factors that people use to market. As I thought about these 3 factors, I realized that these are the 3 factors that the church uses to move people and really the 3 things that are at the core of everyone and every decision that we make.

  1. Fear
  2. Hope
  3. Love
Fear is helping someone believe something based on the fact that the consequences are to grave not to believe. I would say most churches fall into this trap. Thus, most churches in America are not successful at moving people. Fear can not be the overwhelming factor that moves people. Fear is not the base of the Word or of what Christ is about. Fear was not the message that Christ preached, and it should not be the message we preach. Fear does not build community. Fear will not create followers. Fear is not the right tool to “convert” people to what you believe. Scaring the HELL out of someone is not winning them to the cross. The cross was not about fear.

Hope is strong. Hope gives people a chance. Hope creates opportunity. Hope also requires faith. Faith is not always easy to muster. It is like grace. Hope can engage people, but will not keep them around. Hope is can grow into love, but not always. Hope is for the desperate, or those who think they are. However, hope is also not going to create community or passion behind something. Hope is about the “me” not the we.

Love is the essence. When people love they are passionate. When people love a brand they are passionate about the brand. I love mac. i will shout its praises to the rooftops. I love it. When people love what you are doing, or your church, they can not help but to talk about it, to tell others, to LOVE. Love his hared because love has to be selfless. Love should start “revival” or better yet a rEVOLution. Love is still holding the pole position in our faith since, oh, Jesus. Love is the drug. Love is the potion. Love, when it is genuine, is the medicine, the fix, the calling card, and better than any idea we can come up with. Simply, Love Wins.

In marketing, church, or life, create a culture of Love. “Now faith and hope are worth the mention, but Love is holding its position.”