I have had a funny thing happen to me lately. I have a friend. She/He asks my opinion from time to time. Every time they ask it is interesting to watch their response. More often than not this person ends up doing whatever they wanted in the first place, with no regard for what others have said. Wisdom comes in asking questions. But making the wisdom practical is applying the answers to the questions. My entire approach has changed lately. I wish I would have learned this practical revolution earlier in life. I want to ask questions. I want to find out answers by asking the RIGHT questions. Even if I know the answer, asking a question usually exposes something that may have not been thought about previously, or an entire new stream of thinking on a subject. So often people think they have all the answers. Even people who listen a lot, do not always listen, they just wait their turn. I gotta tell you, Questions are the new black for me. Pretty amazing.