Just some thoughts to think about today: 

  •  What is your spiritual DNA? Is it possible for us to all be Christians followers of Christ and yet roll in different circles? While the premise is correct that we are all under the same blood, did Gods creativity reach past that in creating sects of followers that flow in different streams?
  • If love is the foundation of our faith, which I believe it is, why is it such a hard thing to extend to others, especially when people screw up?
  • Grace is a hard concept for humanity to grasp, ironically love is as well. It sucks that anger and hate come so easy to us.
  • Hope is all around when you realize that we live in a different stream than the rest of humanity. 
  • a great song can dig deep into your soul and expose some things that God had inside you.
Okay, so thats enough for now. I would love to see some responses to these questions. Also, if you look in the bar on the right, you will see that recent comments are now made live to the open public. ciao.