“Champions take chances and pressure is a privilege” – Billy Jean King

If we do not take chances in life how are we ever going to break out of the norm? Without chances how do you add color to a gray life? It is easy to get up every day and do the same thing, over and over and over. It takes courage to swim against the stream, to do something different and unique. Think about the people who have done great things…they took chances.

With chances come risk. Risk puts you in a situation where you may fail. Risk does not let you be comfortable. Risk breeds respect. People who take big risks usually experience great failure and sometimes that failure repeats itself a couple of times before you reap great reward. Without the risk you really can not achieve something different than the norm.

Pressure sucks. It squeezes you. It makes you uncomfortable. It is a privilege. Not everyone gets the opportunity to have pressure in their lives. If you have pressure that means you have done something or are doing something that has the potential of great reward. Pressure develops character and depth. Pressure is not easy but when success finally arrives, it is worth every second of pressure.

Step out. Live a little. Try something new. Do not allow your past or your success to trap you into a life without risk, chance, and pressure. The minute you remove these emotions, you may as well have stopped living.