I was sitting with a very great guy today and he began to tell me about how love has a flow to it, and it flows down. The analogy goes like this: Think about your parents. You love them. You honor and adore them. You think they are great, amazing, and extremely special. Now think about your kids. When you talk about your kids you talk with a different passion. There is a different look in your eye. You take it to another level when you talk about how you love your kids. 

God’s love flows down. We love him back up, but there is no way that our love for him can measure his love for us, because of the downward flow of love. A truly amazing concept.

Yesterday was day 100 @ school for Isaiah. He had the 100 day hat parade. We of course attended this event and followed him back to his classroom. The teacher asked all the parents to come in the class and proceeded to explain that Isaiah had written a song about the parade and the entire class was going to sing his new composition. I WAS A VERY PROUD DAD! Isaiah walked away with his first of what I believe will be many songwriter awards, and the children sang…