American Idol is back. As I am sitting here watching how awful this is, I am amazed that these people think that they actually have talent in singing. God has given us all talents, but some of these people have talent in other areas besides music. At the same time, they think they are really singers, entertainers, musicians. I cannot even believe what I am seeing.  So often though, our perception is our reality. In life, we have perceptions and after some time, these perceptions start to become our reality. We start to think we are smarter than we are, more successful than we are, or funnier than we really are. What are areas in our lives that we have allowed our perception to replace reality?  I am surveying my life. I do not want to live a life full of false pretense. Believing that people who are not my friends, are. Believing that who I am is not who I really am. Believing that life is better or worse than it really is. God is a God of peace. He brings us peace. He creates peace around us. Christ defines us. Live in your reality. Ask yourself the hard questions. Don’t be afraid of the answers. God created you to be the best you in the world and to not have to live up to some perception that is not built on reality or the purpose you have been created to complete.  God is the reality. Figure out how to accomplish HIS purpose for your life and the rest will take care of itself.