Watching some hoops tonight and the announcer was talking about a player. The player was 6’5 but he had the reach of a player that was 7’3. This is unusual, but not freakish or anything. It caused me to think on a lot of levels.

  1.  what is your reach? who are you touching that you do not even realize your are touching? how far does your influence extend? if it extends past the reach of others in similar situations, you are maximizing your reach, and moving into the zone where our player lives. since leaving calvary i have gotten so many emails about how we influenced folks through our lives, comments, blogs, etc…really cool and a great way to measure reach
  2. does your reach equal your height? usually your reach (finger tip to finger tip) is the same as the distance between your head and your toes. those who have additional reach stretch beyond their height. 
  3. are you maximizing your reach? are you doing everything possible with what you have been entrusted? we are currently adjusting some things in our lives to be better stewards with what we have been entrusted. Its as important to manage what you have as it is to achieve more. 
There is so much more that could be said about this, however, for now we will just leave it with this…Maximize your reach.