I have wanted for so long to write a blog about Christianity. The problem is, a lot of Christians read my blog. The fact of the matter is, the word “Christian” has lost its meaning. I wanted to start my blog by saying I am no longer a Christian. My wife talked me out of it because she said it would freak people out if they did not read the entire blog. Here is the issue. We have made being a Christian so different from what being a Jesus follower was supposed to be… The American Church has distorted what God intended for the church. That is another blog. The purpose of Christianity is to spread love. Jesus laid down the rules plain and clear: 1. Love God with all your heart. 2. Love your neighbor. Try those to things on for size.  Social initiatives have become the “cause” of celebrities, politicians, and liberal thinkers, leaving the church holding a sword more than a tool. We are not here to build a kingdom, we are here to build THE KINGDOM.  I have finally gotten it out, I have more to say on this subject but I have 2 more blogs that I want to write today, so thats enough for now. More later. I love Jesus and I love the church and the work the church does, I am just asking questions that have no direction towards anyone or anything. Cheers.