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Reading Nehemiah today and I was loving how Nehemiah started leading by empowering his people and giving them ownership of the project. Building the wall was not easy. The wall had been destroyed. But the mandate had been set and the workers built and built on the wall. After they had gained some momentum, their enemies started to hear about the fact they had rebuilt large portions of the wall and felt it was time to slow down progress. The enemies had Nehemiah and his men surrounded and planned to go in and kill them. Nehemiah decided the best way to protect the wall, and everything in it, was to plant guard in the weak places. Plant the guards and not only put them in these places but put their families there with them. This became their land. The call to action by Nehemiah was simple: “Don’t be afraid of them. Put your minds on the Master, great and awesome, and then fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes.”  

Nehemiah knew that if people where fighting for the things they loved, the things that mattered to them, they would be more apt to win and fight with abandon. When people take ownership in things their level of commitment skyrockets. From church organization, to social cause, marriage, to your job, having ownership alters your approach and your perception of each project. align yourself with things bigger than you, but also things that allow you to dive so deep you take ownership of these projects. Don’t look for a job, find something that you love to do so that you will get paid to do the things you love.


“Christian is a great noun, but a poor adjective.”   

Noun: Person, place, thing, idea

Adjective: The part of speech that modifies a noun or other substantive by limiting, qualifying, or specifying and distinguished in English morphologically by one of several suffixes, such as -able, -ous, -er, and -est, or syntactically by position directly preceding a noun or nominal phrase.
Any of the words belonging to this part of speech, such as white in the phrase a white house.

If you are going to claim to be a “Christian” make sure you decide to live up to what that word means. The millennial generation not only does not have a desire to try to understand “Christian” they have no desire to be lumped into a group that is defined as such. Millennial’s do love God. But they want to experience His power and help bring his kingdom to earth as opposed to follow the practices and traditions of their fathers or grandfathers.

It is our job to take being a Christ Follower more seriously, more practically, more real and stop resting on our laurels. It is so much more important to buy into the revolution than it is to buy into the hype. What are you buying?

Updating my bloglines and I am interested in what you are reading? I will list my top 25 blogs for me this week. Comment me and let me know if there is something good out there that I am missing. I hate to miss things.  

I  was captivated today by the concept of how 1 moment can change a million after it… 

maximize your moments. Maybe im just reflective because change is floating in on the horizon, however, I am captivated by this concept. Today…right now…your actions will direct the course of future moments. little moments create major impacts.

Tonight Jackie and I took the kids to Toys R Us and walked around looking at toys. This has not been our best year. As a matter of fact, the last couple months have been really hard. Some of it we brought on ourselves, some we didn’t. The matter of the fact is this, we are SO blessed. We have had some financial issues this year, but we are on the other side. We have had some relationship issues, but we have made it a few weeks now drama free. We have had some family stuff that has been hard, but our families are all still here, everyone is making it, and we are going to get to create some holiday memories over the course of the next few weeks. Jack was on the phone with a person who had just come in from digging some christmas lights out of the trash and working on them to make them work for the family tree. My heart BROKE! Sure, we may feel like we have been beaten up. We may feel like we have been discarded by people we love, we may feel we have lost some this year, but we have a rough, we ate dinner tonight, our kids are playing, laughing, and having a good time. We may not have everything we want, but the bottom line is this…we are blessed. we are living better than before. 2008 is going to provide some new opportunities. 2008 is going to allow us some new adventures. I believe 2008 is going to provide us more peace than 2007, but guess what….if 2007 is our bad year, we have a really really good life. 

We only have a couple of weeks left in Florida. We only have about a week of work left. For those who still love us..thanks. For those who care…thanks. Lets embrace the end of 2007…we are blessed.

Jackie fell asleep, much like the Ravens D, so I am checking the net for new sounds. The English are kicking our butts! Winehouse has like a zillion grammy votes, Just Jack Just Rocks, Lilly Allen is the new Britney, and now the ghost of Whitney and Toni Braxton are in trouble. Say hello to the UK’s number 1 artist for the past like months! Leona Lewis can sing. Also, to be fare, here is a great link to an American who wishes he was English, but can out sing pretty much anyone with a voice…Kevin Max Christmas. Check for Kevin’s new record on December 26…it wont be pop but it will be amazing.

2 simple keys to making things you do successful: 

  1.  keep it simple. remove the flowers, the buttons, the bells, lights and whistles. lowest common denominator and that is your best bet.
  2.  don’t hide what you are doing. make it easy to get to, to see, to experience, and to enjoy.

i was reading tonight about how design is going even more simple. think of the power of craigs list…can’t get much more simple than that. also, this blog is a great example of hiding things. When i had myspace and created an easy transition for my “friends” to see my blog, I was well over 100 views a day. When I promoted this blog on the church website and myspace…views by the pound. now, because you have to work a little harder to get here, the views are not as frequent. 

have a great week. Here we go. 2007 is on the downhill slide. 2008 holds a lot of new things for a lot of people. it will be interesting to see how life unfolds.

Tonight was a great night. I got a chance to watch like 4 basketball games today. I saw Duke kill Michigan, 2 high school games and then the mavs game tonight. I am a basketball head but here are some things that stuck out to me today as I was watching these games: 

  •  you can have more talent on your team but without the right coaching, leadership, chemistry, and trust a lesser team can beat you any night of the week.
  • regardless of how big a person is (ego, personality, talent, skill, whatever) they can only carry the team so far. It takes more than just one person, and if your “team” is built on one person what happens when that person leaves or falls?
  • the best players are those who make the people around them better. 
  • nothing is as sweet as a win, regardless of its size. 
  • it takes a plan to win. you can not rest on your talent, you have to have a plan and execute that plan without faults in order to succeed. 
  • there is never a good loss, but you can have an ugly win. 
  • if you do not execute on the fundamentals of life, business, relationship, you will never be able to see them succeed on the next level. 
  • everyone is important to a team, from the workhorse rebounder to the superstar shooter. You can not win with to many of either on your team. at the same time, neither can win without the other.

level 5 leaders build teams that can not be stopped. they build dynastys. what type of player are you? what do you do to contribute to the team, and what kind of team are you playing on?

Truth lives all around us. It is so funny to me sometimes that people avoid truth to embrace assumptions. As a point in life one should hold on to truths. Truths are indisputable. Truths don’t live in the shadows. Truths have no need to be kept as secrets, unless those holding them choose to do so. Truths provide freedom. Truths allow you to breath. Truths provide confidence. When you know the truth, the truth allows you to move in a way that something false or presumed does not allow. Truth provides the ultimate security. Sometimes the truth is not comfortable. The truth can make people squirm.  Grab hold of truths. Use truth to guide your decisions. Adjust your life based on TRUTH. Get freedom in your world via TRUTH. God has been stripping me of secrets, i love freedom and peace. I hate drama and confusion. I have the truth, and the truth has set me free. Sometimes the truth is not comfortable. The truth can make people squirm. 

Today as I talked a good friend on the phone we discussed his new album, well, all 4 of his new albums and how each one was created to meet a different genre of people. This guy is an amazing guy…REALLY. As we talked and discussed options, ideas, plans, paths, and purpose he stopped in mid-sentence and said…you know what, none of this matters if we don’t understand why we do what we do. If we are doing all this to forward my name or agenda, to get the music to more people just for the chance to sing in front of larger audiences, lets just stop now and I will quit making the music…TODAY. 

WOW. An artist who is so concerned with not having his own agenda filled. For that matter, a PERSON who is not looking out for their own agenda, but rather for the development of the Kingdom of God and His purposes. My friend went on to confess that at times he has not protected his music enough and has sacrificed at times to be “cooler”. The thing that blew me away was the fact that I have always pinned him as cool because he protected his calling.

So WHY do you do what you do in life? WHY do you choose to make the decisions you make? WHY are you going down the path your headed down?

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