Tis the season to be giving….I was reading a great blog today that made me realize some things. So often in life we want to be RIGHT. Maybe being RIGHT is not always, well, RIGHT. Maybe sometimes we are wrong and we need to learn how to embrace these times, get corrected, and move forward. 

Jackie and I have been talking about some things and I have not handled some situations the way I would normally do so, because of my own bias and desire to be right. Just being honest. I have had to accept that it is ME that is wrong, and me being wrong is not going to make me right. I have to own situations, regardless.

In life, spiritual and physical, we look at things through our own gift mix. We look at things through the lens of our own perception, our own selfishness, our own opinion. But God is a God of truth. I believe you can find God’s truth in pretty much anything, but the one place you wont find God’s truth is in the wrong.