Relationships are a funny thing. The rules for relationships seem to be very muddy. What some consider the code of conduct others consider rude. It is interesting how unique and difficult these roads can become for people. The easy answer is to “live above relationships” which means you isolate yourself and the ones you love from anything deep or meaningful. Rather than sharing and caring you coexist. Relationships always bread hurt and dissapointment, but the really good ones strive in those times and grow into life long treasures. If you want to enjoy the best of relationships, dig in, go deep, embrace the pain, and let yourself slip into deep levels of caring…you WILL get hurt, but you will also end up with some GREAT people who you know you can trust and share life with…in time. 

My first real job in the music business was as a temporary employee at Word Distribution. Word was going through a very rough time and needed help answering phones. My first job was answering the phone when someone had been on hold for 90 plus minutes and asking them if I could have their name and number so we could return the call. Very sexy I know. There is a ton of blogs about leadership and solutions that could come out of that adventure but we will save those for another day. During my 15 months at Word I got a chance to meet a lot of good and interesting people. When the news broke about me returning to the music business, several of these people contacted me to congratulate me and tell me they missed me. When I was a temp there was a VP named Dean who was really good at his job. I was just a temp, I had no clue he even really would ever remember me. The day the email went out Dean tracked me down and told me how excited he was that we would work on the same team now…he is our man at Provident and we will be working VERY closely together. Dean gets relationships. The little temp guy was now the director of marketing and the guy he could have easily forgotten he remembered and not only remembered but reached out to on that day. Very cool.

Relationships always come back around, that is why you should be careful how you leave them. I am struggling with this right now as we speak. I have some relationships that are driving me crazy. When you lose “things in common” with people or change teams, it becomes easy to be sidestepped, devalued, or seemingly forgotten. It is also easy to do this to people. Do your best to maintain relationships, because they always come back around. One day the people you and I have pushed aside may just become the people who can help you, promote you, make you better, or at the worst, encourage you in the next chapter of your life.  

Treat people the way you would want to be treated, even if it hurts.