“Christian is a great noun, but a poor adjective.”   

Noun: Person, place, thing, idea

Adjective: The part of speech that modifies a noun or other substantive by limiting, qualifying, or specifying and distinguished in English morphologically by one of several suffixes, such as -able, -ous, -er, and -est, or syntactically by position directly preceding a noun or nominal phrase.
Any of the words belonging to this part of speech, such as white in the phrase a white house.

If you are going to claim to be a “Christian” make sure you decide to live up to what that word means. The millennial generation not only does not have a desire to try to understand “Christian” they have no desire to be lumped into a group that is defined as such. Millennial’s do love God. But they want to experience His power and help bring his kingdom to earth as opposed to follow the practices and traditions of their fathers or grandfathers.

It is our job to take being a Christ Follower more seriously, more practically, more real and stop resting on our laurels. It is so much more important to buy into the revolution than it is to buy into the hype. What are you buying?