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Tonight Jackie and I took the kids to Toys R Us and walked around looking at toys. This has not been our best year. As a matter of fact, the last couple months have been really hard. Some of it we brought on ourselves, some we didn’t. The matter of the fact is this, we are SO blessed. We have had some financial issues this year, but we are on the other side. We have had some relationship issues, but we have made it a few weeks now drama free. We have had some family stuff that has been hard, but our families are all still here, everyone is making it, and we are going to get to create some holiday memories over the course of the next few weeks. Jack was on the phone with a person who had just come in from digging some christmas lights out of the trash and working on them to make them work for the family tree. My heart BROKE! Sure, we may feel like we have been beaten up. We may feel like we have been discarded by people we love, we may feel we have lost some this year, but we have a rough, we ate dinner tonight, our kids are playing, laughing, and having a good time. We may not have everything we want, but the bottom line is this…we are blessed. we are living better than before. 2008 is going to provide some new opportunities. 2008 is going to allow us some new adventures. I believe 2008 is going to provide us more peace than 2007, but guess what….if 2007 is our bad year, we have a really really good life. 

We only have a couple of weeks left in Florida. We only have about a week of work left. For those who still love us..thanks. For those who care…thanks. Lets embrace the end of 2007…we are blessed.


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