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Jackie fell asleep, much like the Ravens D, so I am checking the net for new sounds. The English are kicking our butts! Winehouse has like a zillion grammy votes, Just Jack Just Rocks, Lilly Allen is the new Britney, and now the ghost of Whitney and Toni Braxton are in trouble. Say hello to the UK’s number 1 artist for the past like months! Leona Lewis can sing. Also, to be fare, here is a great link to an American who wishes he was English, but can out sing pretty much anyone with a voice…Kevin Max Christmas. Check for Kevin’s new record on December 26…it wont be pop but it will be amazing.

2 simple keys to making things you do successful: 

  1.  keep it simple. remove the flowers, the buttons, the bells, lights and whistles. lowest common denominator and that is your best bet.
  2.  don’t hide what you are doing. make it easy to get to, to see, to experience, and to enjoy.

i was reading tonight about how design is going even more simple. think of the power of craigs list…can’t get much more simple than that. also, this blog is a great example of hiding things. When i had myspace and created an easy transition for my “friends” to see my blog, I was well over 100 views a day. When I promoted this blog on the church website and myspace…views by the pound. now, because you have to work a little harder to get here, the views are not as frequent. 

have a great week. Here we go. 2007 is on the downhill slide. 2008 holds a lot of new things for a lot of people. it will be interesting to see how life unfolds.

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