Tonight was a great night. I got a chance to watch like 4 basketball games today. I saw Duke kill Michigan, 2 high school games and then the mavs game tonight. I am a basketball head but here are some things that stuck out to me today as I was watching these games: 

  •  you can have more talent on your team but without the right coaching, leadership, chemistry, and trust a lesser team can beat you any night of the week.
  • regardless of how big a person is (ego, personality, talent, skill, whatever) they can only carry the team so far. It takes more than just one person, and if your “team” is built on one person what happens when that person leaves or falls?
  • the best players are those who make the people around them better. 
  • nothing is as sweet as a win, regardless of its size. 
  • it takes a plan to win. you can not rest on your talent, you have to have a plan and execute that plan without faults in order to succeed. 
  • there is never a good loss, but you can have an ugly win. 
  • if you do not execute on the fundamentals of life, business, relationship, you will never be able to see them succeed on the next level. 
  • everyone is important to a team, from the workhorse rebounder to the superstar shooter. You can not win with to many of either on your team. at the same time, neither can win without the other.

level 5 leaders build teams that can not be stopped. they build dynastys. what type of player are you? what do you do to contribute to the team, and what kind of team are you playing on?