So this is the last chapter of Craigs book, “Going All The Way”, that deals with pre marriage issues. Very good stuff in this chapter about the necessity to build your friendship prior to marriage and the pitfalls of  speeding through the gears of a relationship that will allow you to crash and burn before the foundation is set and your ready to move into a marriage that is built to last. These “Gears” can also apply to how we build relationships with friends. I have had some interesting twists in my relationships over the past few weeks, and I can honestly say that time is always the measure of depth in relationship. Take your time. Invest in people. Don’t be in a rush. The tape measure that is time will show you how deep people really are with you. Also, remember, God knows the end before the beginning. Enjoy relationships, but dont add a TON of pressure to them. Let them develop naturally. Any time you push or contrive something to happen, you usually end up paying for it on the back end. So here is to life, I feel that I should make an announcement on the future soon, so stay tuned for that to be coming. I am headed to the Hillsong conference to see some friends this weekend, so I am not sure how blog available I will be, however, stay tuned, the next chapter of “Going All The Way” is “Sexual Mythology”. Giddy up.