Chapter One: As usual, chapter one was an intro to the subjects that we would discuss the rest of the book. However, I have some highlights that I believe will be key to building a great marriage and that I have to incorporate in my marriage. 

  •  Everyone who gets married desires great marriages, however, very few people actually do what it takes to make a marriage “Go All The Way.” – I have not done enough in my marriage to make it achieve this lofty goal. Thus the need to make a change. Do something different. Focus on what is being said, but even more so, what is NOT being said. It is not about me putting the phone away, it is about me investing in those who love me and who desire my attention. 
  • Craig suggests that if you want something abnormal, like a marriage that soars when most crash and burn before take off, you have to do SOMETHING DIFFERENT.
  • “Most of us need to overhaul our thought processes. To experience the kind of relationship we long for, we must, with God’s help, prepare to be genuinely different.”
  • If small changes made great marriages everyone would make them. However, usually it is going to take a major adjustment in your life to achieve GREATNESS in your relationships.
  • Often the methods we use to build a relationship that will go “all the way” can only truly take us “partway”

  • See my problem is this. I LOVE relationships. I guess that is not the real problem, the real problem is I have invested to much in the wrong relationships. Not that these relationship even where bad, but the amount that I have invested in them was not balanced.  I have taken for granted the people that are the closest to me. Rather than investing in my wife and kids, I have invested in friends, jobs, and “providing”. I have learned recently that it is more important to be best friends with my wife than being able to buy her a porsche. And it is even more important that we build the type of relationship that can sustain time and trials than how many parties we get invited to from here out. It has become time for me to turn all the things I have been exporting in my life and start investing them in the 3 people on my tax forms…thats just good business kids.