I was reading a few months back that God spurs creativity in the faders. A lot of times, in those states where we are fading in and out of sleep, our creativity can actually be at a higher level. For me today has been one of those days. I have been awake since 4 a.m. (off and on). In the fading times since 4 a.m. I have had some big ideas and some crazy thoughts. I love these times. I strive to push myself to believe like a child that ANYTHING is possible. Think about it, as a kid you felt like anything could happen. With an old pillow case you could fly. Animals could talk. The shape of clouds had purpose. Your life had meaning and all your dreams where in vibrant color. Then you start to grow up. As you grow up you are told that certain things just can’t happen. BULL! I want to live a real life where imagination is the currency and hope is the mantra. Why can we not achieve all we dream about in the faders? For those of you who want to enhance your creativity, try this little exercise. Put a note pad, a journal, your blackberry, whatever…next to your bed or where you sleep. Pray God starts to speak to  you in the faders, then when he does, document what He is saying…you will have some amazing creative ideas! Let it flow.